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    Apply for Funded Tickets

    We are offering an opportunity for young people aged 14 and over – especially those who wouldn’t usually have access to the theatre – to come and see the world premiere of our upcoming production, REVEALED, between 22 September – 08 October.  We are offering FREE and subsidised tickets – if you would like to access these Funded Tickets, we have two options: either BOOK AS AN INDIVIDUAL or BOOK GROUP TICKETS available for schools, youth groups or organisations.


    Please email with the following information:

    • Your full name and age
    • Your post code
    • The date / time of the performance you wish to attend
    • Whether you have seen a show at Tobacco Factory Theatres before (it’s fine either way, we’re just interested to know)

    You will then be sent your free e-ticket.

    Please note the performance of REVEALED on Wednesday 28 September includes pre & post-show performances and discussions around the themes of the play as part of a night called REACT, made by young people for young people. This will be a brilliant night to come and see the show – and includes a raffle to win a pair of Air Jordans!


    Please download the Funded Tickets form from the yellow box on this page, complete it and email it to Beth on

    There will also be an opportunity to engage in workshops & talks after the show if you wish. We understand the pressures and restrictions on schools when organising trips, and to help reduce barriers to attendance, we are offering subsidised tickets and free tickets to those most in need, and can also provide assistance with transport costs in some cases.

    What is Share the Story?

    Share the Story is our campaign to radically change the make-up of our audience for REVEALED, and to offer impact and inspiration to 2000 young people of diverse backgrounds.

    Revealed 1

    Why Revealed?

    REVEALED revolves around Luther, a 16 year old boy who is trying to make sense of the world and his place in it. His family’s dramatic and emotional story highlights issues of racism, homophobia, sexism, domestic violence, gang culture and mental illness.

    Seeing these issues explored will be valuable for many different young people, as director Jay Zorenti-Nakhid explains:

    ‘It’s hard enough being a young person in the world today, let alone a young person of colour, a young person dealing with mental illness or domestic violence, or a young LGBTQ+ person. To watch this play, and to feel represented, seen and heard, has the potential to make a massive difference in someone’s life’. 

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    REVEALED bravely confronts the big questions we face as a society, and it attempts to provide some answers too. As Jay describes, the play hugely affected him personally:

    ‘This play is a call to action. It inspires you to connect with the people you’ve struggled most to love. When I was growing up I didn’t know my father. In the search for alternative role models I went down some very destructive paths as a teenager. In 2018 when I started to work on this play, it changed my life. I now have a relationship with my dad because of this show. I can only imagine how things might have been different for me if I’d seen it when I was younger. That’s why I feel passionately about removing financial barriers for teenagers who wouldn’t normally be able to come.’ 

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