We wouldn’t be who we are today without the generous support of our Business Club and Production Sponsors, our Friends, Champions, Patrons and Benefactors and Production Fund Donors, and the support of several charitable trusts.

    We also remain indebted to our Fans For Life whose support was instrumental in the early years of the theatre.

    Thank you.


    Thank you to our core funders whose logos you can see at the bottom of each page of our website.

    Directors’ Circle
    Mary & John Prior
    Ken & Karen Edis
    Amanda & Chris Trembath
    Simon Inch
    Ros and Cameron Kennedy

    Factory Front Row
    Anna Southall
    Geoff Clements
    Carole & Martin Webb
    Paul & Joanna Pearson
    Richard Harries
    Andy & Lisa Marshall
    William & Felicity Mather
    Martin & Mary Bailey
    Tim & Judith Lockwood Jones
    Vivien Kies
    Joanna & Richard

    Vivien Kies
    Peter and Helen Wilde
    Tina Hallett CBE

    Alison Ackroyd
    Richard Farrer
    Alison & Andrew Giles
    Tim Grice
    Jack & Rosemary House
    Ruth Illston
    Yvette Kydd
    John Manley
    John Molyneux
    Graham Pegg
    Alan and Margaret Rayfield
    Pat Rowe
    Tony Rowlands
    Emily and Mat Shard
    Andrew and Decia Smith
    Julian Thomas
    Carol Trelawny-Ross
    Martin and Carole Webb

    David & Dora Alderson, John & Rhian Ashton, Stephen & Jacquelyn Banks, Anthony Barker, Mary Barnes, Maureen Bate, Jenny & Ken Biggs, Amanda Bond, Nev Boundy, Leo Brady, Frances Butt, Sarah Cemlyn, Jo & Timothy Chambers, Helen Chambers, Christopher & Sally Clark, Isobel Clark, David & Shirley Clegg, Ben Cosh, Martin & Christine Cottis, David & Judy Crawford, Margaret K Croft, Pauline Daniels, Pauline Darley, Margaret Dickinson, Jennifer Dean Hart, Reagan D’Mello, George & Cynthia Dobson, Tim Evans, Cliff Eyers, Virginia Flew, Malcolm & Caroline Gamlin, Christopher Greef, Hugh Gregor, Pat Gregory, Moira Halls, Margaret Hansen, Judy Harrison & David Miles, Linda Harrison, David Harrowes, Susan Hawkins, Max Headley, Jenny Hoadley, Susan Holden, Al Howat & Salima Damani, Daniel Huertas, Shelagh Jeacocke, Betty & Geoffrey Jones, Christopher & Jessamy Kerr, Brenda Lowe, Benedict Mackay, Simon Maddison, Roger & Diana Maingot, Frank Martin, Dawn May, Meg Mayhew & Jim Mckerron, Norman & Janetta Mitchinson, Ruth & Gary Moesby, Ann & Ian Morrison, Anita & Frances Newall, Tim Nicholson, Sue Orkney, Sarah Parsons, Albert & Pauline Pearson, Brian Pickering, Richard Pickett, Pat Prior, Alec Reid, Frances Roberts, Lynn Robinson, Peter Scholey & Brigid Allen, Margaret and Malcolm Scott, Andrew Sinclair, Adrian Slade, Paul Slade, Jane & John Sleigh, Sue Stops, Irene Threasher, Joanna Wallis, Helen Wehner, Sue West, Clive Weston, Bridget Wilberforce, Judith Williams, Paul & Elizabeth Whitehouse, Hilary Williams, Catherine Zollman & Jerome Ungoed-Thomas. And those who wish to remain anonymous.


    Without the support of Trusts and Foundations we would not be able to continue our work. Our deepest thanks for your support.

    St James’s Place Foundation
    The Spielman Charitable Trust
    Real Ideas Organisation
    Quartet Community Foundation
    The Denman Chaitable Trust
    The Dan Hickey Fund
    The Backstage Trust
    The Foyle Foundation


    We are hugely grateful to our Get Involved supporters:

    St James’s Place Foundation
    The Spielman Charitable Trust
    Real Ideas Organisation
    Quartet Community Foundation
    The Dan Hickey Fund


    Thanks to the generous support of the following organisations and individuals, we were able to realise our ambition of creating the Spielman Theatre, upgrading the back-stage facilities and the refurbishment of the Theatre Bar and Meeting Room:

    Principal Supporters
    Arts Council England
    Bristol City Council – Culture Team

    Trusts and Foundations
    Spielman Charitable Trust
    Garfield Weston Foundation
    The Nisbet Trust
    The Foyle Foundation
    The Society of Merchant Venturers
    Sr & Ph Southall Charitable Trust
    Ibstock Enovert Trust
    The Basil Brown Charitable Trust
    Sir Siegmund Warburg’s Voluntary Settlement
    Theatres Trust
    The Morel Charitable Trust
    J & M Britton Charitable Trust
    Bramble Trust
    The Gibbs Charitable Trust
    The Patricia Routledge Charitable Trust

    Major Supporters
    George Ferguson
    John & Susan Hart
    Helen & Peter Wilde
    John & Mary Prior
    Judith & Timothy Lockwood Jones
    Simon Inch
    Sarah & Christopher Sharp
    Vivien Kies & Geoffrey Clements
    Mary & Martin Bailey
    Ros & Cameron Kennedy
    Sir James & Lady Virginia Tidmarsh
    P K Stembridge
    William & Felicity Mather
    M J Edwards J P
    The Sherwood Family

    Foundation Donors
    Jo Luscombe McDonald
    Martin & Carole Webb
    Rosanne Carwardine
    Brenda Lalonde
    Sue Hawkins & Nick Rechter
    Lynn Robinson & Brian Glasson
    Blackberry Binx
    Andrew & Decia Smith
    Alison & Andrew Giles
    Lisa & Andy Marshall
    Jerry Cowhig
    Mark Hudson
    Richard Farrer
    Ian Learner & Christina May
    Roger & Elaine Zair
    Helen Moss
    Margot & Chris Sampson
    Cliff Eyers
    Beverly & David Holtum
    Mark Mason
    Christopher & Mere Moorsom
    Charles Wyld

    Gold Donors
    Rachel & Johnny Devas
    Dr Jo & Timothy Chambers
    Roger Hampson
    Graham Pegg
    Andy King
    Salima & Al
    Helen Chambers
    Ben Thornycroft
    Kamala Das & Tim Grice

    Silver Donors
    Liz & Tony Morse
    Susan Carter
    Claire & Mike Wilcox
    Rod & Helen Lane
    Yvonee Craggs
    Robert Aplin
    Rose & Richard Lancaster
    Barry Moore
    Stephen Chalke
    Peter Bond
    Philip Darley
    Jan McKenley & John Simpson
    Angie Tonge
    Pat Prior
    The Dodds Family
    Wendy & Roger Humm
    Simon & Christine Carter
    Kay Thomas
    Joe Deighan & Anna Girvan

    Corporate Supporters
    DAC Beachcroft
    Clifton College

    Spielman Theatre Seat Sponsors
    Aardman, Alfie & Bella, Ashgrove Pharmacy, Averys, Avon & Somerset Police, Bakers Dolphin, Bristol Pilates, Burges Salmon, Clarke Willmott, Clifton Coffee, Clifton High School, Clik Ltd, Corrigan Associates, Empica PR, Enlightended, Fairfield School, Fanatic, Graphic Science, Hayes Parsons, Hoare Lea, Hollis Morgan, Icon Films, IOP Publishing, Limbs and Things, Marshfield Ice Cream, MD Group, Meade King, Noisy Little Monkey, Ocean Pad Design, Pattersons, Personic, Pukka Herbs, Rathbones, St Anne’s Digital Graphics, Steeldeck, The Bristol Port Company, Thresholds, University Of Bristol, Young Wood Farm, Zurich.