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    Share The Story 1

    Share the Story

    • 08 Oct
      08 Oct - 08 Oct 2022

    Here at Tobacco Factory Theatres we are proud of the stories we tell.

    Each year we welcome thousands of young people and students to our theatres to enjoy their first experience of live theatre.

    In September 2022 we will present Revealed, a brand new play. At the heart of this story is a 16-year-old who is trying to make sense of the world. Trapped with his father and grand-father in the family’s Caribbean restaurant, whilst an uprising takes place outside, we discover the three mens’ views on racism, sexuality and masculinity. The issue of mental health also comes into sharp focus, in a drama that hurtles from heart-breaking and challenging, to hilarious and heart-warming.

    This play is all about the importance of talking and sharing your story. It can have a profound impact on people of many backgrounds and ages, and spark important conversations about the society we live in. That’s why we have decided to share this story as widely and generously as we can – and to do this, we’ll need a helping hand.

    Share The Story aims to help build relationships between Tobacco Factory Theatres and young people who can’t currently access theatre, by removing the barriers that can make certain cultural events feel exclusive or unattractive.

    Want to support this initiative? Then read on…

    We ask you to please consider, if you’re able, a Share The Story donation. Each £10 donated will pay for one young person to attend Revealed and take part in discussions and events related to the show. Your generosity will directly enable someone to be part of the conversation, who otherwise couldn’t attend.

    As well as donating here, you are also able to add a single £10 Share the Story ticket on to your own ticket, when purchasing tickets for Revealed here.

    Share the Story Once – £10
    Share the Story Twice – £20
    Share the Story Small Group – £50
    Share the Story Medium Group – £100
    Share the Story Large Group – £200

    • TICKETS£26 | £22

    Share The Story (Standard) £26

    Share The Story (Concessions) £22

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