Artists & Companies

    At Tobacco Factory Theatres, we work with a huge range of artists and theatre companies in a variety of ways.

    Our vision is to build an inclusive creative community rooted in our home in South Bristol. Our inspirational theatre will take people on creative adventures, nurture talent and provide life-changing opportunities.

    New monthly catch-ups

    We are excited to host a regular, virtual catch-up for artists. This takes place on the second Thursday of every month at 1pm. It’s a place for us to share updates about upcoming opportunities or events at Tobacco Factory Theatres, address any questions or suggestions you may have, and enable exchange between this fast-growing network of brilliant creative people.

    Please register here if you’d like to join in. The same link will work for every meeting, you’ll just need to register in advance each month. If there are particular questions or topics you’d like explored, please email those to us on