How We Programme 1

    How We Programme

    Our vision is to tell epic and extraordinary stories in an intimate, atmospheric setting and to reflect, inspire and engage people of all backgrounds.

    Programmed Shows

    Our programme represents:

    • A wide range of styles
      From Shakespeare to opera, classic plays to contemporary dance, traditional work to experimental pieces
    • A range of voices
      Local, national and international
    • A range of stories
      From the familiar to the unknown

    We currently programme work in our flexible Factory Theatre as well as our 84-seater end on Spielman Theatre.

    If you belong to a company or are an artist with a proposal that you would like considered for our programme, please email us with the following information:

    • Tour pack or full details of your show
    • Company background
    • Photograph/film footage of your show (if available)
    • Tour dates (if available)
    • Dates when your work can be seen

    Please note that we don’t usually programme the work of companies whose work we haven’t seen live.

    If you are inviting us to see work, please give us at least one month’s notice. We are a very small team, so we can only attend a limited number of shows each week.

    Please email proposals and invites to


    hires & events

    We host a limited number of shows and events each season from emerging artists, local community, education and amateur groups that we are proud to support. We also make the theatre available once per season for fundraising nights for locally based charitable organisations.

    Featured companies tend to be local and those who we have an existing relationship with. No marketing support can be offered, but technical and front of house support is given.

    Financial arrangements almost invariably involve the companies hiring the theatre, however we might consider a split in certain circumstances.

    If you would like to get in touch about hiring the theatre, please email or call 0117 902 0345.