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    lot-tree @non_charlotte
    The Light Princess at @tftheatres was AMAZING. Go and see it if you get any opportunity, loved every minute Kate

    Morrison @katecmorrison
    Saw #lightprincess @tftheatres last night: lovely,light-hearted as the princess, beautiful score by @verity_standen:

    Fiasco Design @FiascoDesign
    We had a hoot @tftheatres last night watching the #thelightprincess. Thanks @tftheatres for a brilliant #Xmas show

    Nicky Coates @Nicky_Johns
    Loved the #lightprincess, excellent set, cast, script and music. Went home and reread the story, @tftheatres did George McDonald proud.

    Dr Miriam Ricci @RicciMiriam
    If you haven’t seen the #LightPrincess yet then be quick and book your ticket! Amazing show @tftheatres

    Geraldine Giddings @GeraldGiddings
    If I was prime minister I would get everyone to go and see the wonderfully absurd #lightprincess at @tftheatres. We all need some lightness.

    Cirque Bijou @cirquebijou
    The light princess Tobacco Factory Theatres made me cry with laughter. Brilliant. Thank you

    Sue Roberts @es_roberts
    The Light Princess @tftheatres: what a joyous and delightful production! Give yourself a big Christmas treat and go and see it!

    Mister Positive @andybcfc2013
    @LStyleDistrict @tftheatres saw it tonight. Loved it. The cast really put their heart and soul into it! I’d recommend it to everybody.

    Becky Goozee @goozleberry
    Saw the fantastically brilliant #lightprincess @tftheatres last night! Loved it!! Set and cast were amazing!

    John Middleton @johncmiddleton
    #LightPrincess @tftheatres is ingeniously staged and has great music. Fab performances from all, esp. comedic force of nature @AmaliaVitale

    Anna Farthing @FarthingHarvest
    #thelightprincess is wonderful! Fantastically inventive and music is stunning. Thank you for the magic @peepolykus @tftheatres

    Karin Smyth MP ?@karinsmyth
    Thankyou cast & crew of The Light Princess @tftheatres great show, brilliant performance yesterday enjoyed by whole family from 10 – 80yrs

    Visit Bristol @VisitBristol
    This years festive show at @tftheatres “The Light Princess” is magical, charming and wonderful. On until 10 Jan.

    Clifton Short Lets @CliftonShortLet
    Looking for something different to do this festive season, head down to @tftheatres to see The Light Princess, everyone’s new favourite!

    jhroutledge @jhroutledge
    Loved @tftheatres #lightprincess tonight, so incentive and fun, shades of my fave @papercinema

    Hazel Grian @LicoriceHazel
    Thoroughly enjoyable show The Light Princess – really funny & some perfectly excellent comic performances.

    Darren Clark @_darrenclark
    @tftheatres abousulty blown away with #thelightprincess performance. The show was outstanding and the family laughed so much. #christmas

    Alex @thorbster
    @tftheatres The #LightPrincess was absolutely fantastic. The whole family loved it and we laughed A LOT. Clever staging and superb cast.

    Tom Lunt @Tom_Lunt
    The Light Princess @tftheatres is great fun:)

    Rod Dennis @Rhodos
    @tftheatres @suzanne_ahmet The Light Princess – funny, poignant and powerful all at the same time. We loved it, great work

    Sarah Punshon @spunshon
    Thoroughly enjoyed The Light Princess @tftheatres last night. Eat your heart out Tori Amos. Inventive, funny, moving, spectacular music.

    Orla O’Loughlin @orlaoloughlin1
    The Light Princess @tftheatres @peepolykus is a total delight! Playful, heartfelt, hilarious. #Gravity

    Claire Warnes @claire_warnes
    Splendid production & lots of laughs @tftheatres #thelightprincess today – nice to bump into @Russellboulter too

    Russell Boulter @Russellboulter
    @claire_warnes @tftheatres We loved it. Great show.

    AManCalledMax @AManCalledMax
    Had a great evening #TheLightPrincess @tftheatres @peepolykus funny and silly and smart, with brilliant music!

    Shauni @Oh4amuseoffire
    Its not easy to make something that both children & adults enjoy equally as much but #TheLightPrincess @tftheatres Pulls it off Brilliantly!

    NIE Theatre @NIEtheatre
    Great night out in Bristol @tftheatres for #lightprincess loads of splashy fun! AB

    Riff Raff Choir @RiffRaffChoir
    Loved The Light Princess at @tftheatres tonight 🙂 Favourite bit was the surprise water scene!

    Jan Swann @tinderboxtales
    @RiffRaffChoir @tftheatres ours too! Sublime!

    Jan Swann @tinderboxtales
    Absolutely joyous afternoon @tftheatres enjoying #TheLightPrincess. Standout performances, wonderful energy. #Minnies loved it. So did we!

    David Kirkbride @d_kirkbride1
    Fantastic day @BristolOldVic & @tftheatres Wonderful shows! Great casts & heartfelt wonderful stories #SleepingBeauty #TheLightPrincess

    Tim Montague @tjmont
    Laughter throughout #TheLightPrincess @tftheatres @peepolykus …terrifically silly and delectably musical; a delightful comedy indeed.

    Lucy Dreznin @ldreznin
    Congratulations to @nelcrouch @D_J_Ridley @cesmalls and all @tftheatres for charming #lightprincess – light-hearted fun for everyone!

    Gwawr Loader @gwawrloader
    #thelightprincess @tftheatres and #sleepingbeauty @BristolOldVic were both fantastic yesterday. Beautiful music, singing and acting! Cheers!

    Andy Turner @Andy_Turner_
    Superb physical comedy & great comic timing @AmaliaVitale. A highlight from @tftheatres #LightPrincess! @shmgmt

    Samuel Waite @SomersetSam1987
    Wow! #TheLightPrincess at @tftheatres was magical. Eccentricly wonderful and full of laughs. Proper job theatre!

    Elizabeth Murphy @Stancomberules
    The Light Princess today was very funny, performed with perfect comic timing and beautifully executed clowning. Superb team @tftheatres

    Polly Worthington @pollyfw
    @Allintheatreco @tftheatres @peepolykus @amaliavitale Thank you all – daughter came with Brownies and loved #thelightprincess 🙂

    Rayyah @RayyahMcCaul
    Was privileged to catch the superb #thelightprincess @tftheatres. Such a talented team. Refreshing and brilliant! Still giggling… 🙂


    “This is a fab show”

    “Saw this production on Thursday night with my husband. We thought it was amazing!! Well done to all involved and thank you. We always enjoy our Christmas date night!!”

    “Fantastic performance of The Light Princess tonight. A fantastic story and the cast and crew were amazing. Witty, clever and beautiful music (the Court Conductor’s voice was STUNNING) great for both adults and children, definitely worth seeing!!”

    “We saw this yesterday, an absolutely brilliant production! All the cast were amazing and my kids loved every minute (especially the water fight!)!”

    “A beautiful production. Five of us aged between 10 and 77 were with you today. We all loved it. Thank you.”

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    “We’ve just seen it tonight and can thoroughly agree – excellent entertainment. Thank you.”

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