Drum roll please…a little later in the week than planned (but we’ve been launching our brand new season don’t you know!) but here is rehearsal blog 4 from Julie Black, who plays not only our Queen but also our fairy tale villain, the evil witch Makemnoit. Here’s Julie’s blog from the perspective of both of her characters…

    Farrows Creative

    Farrows Creative

    “Hallo there. Queen here and it’s all been hotting up in week four as we set up the kingdom ready for your visit. I must say our palace is beginning to take shape. There’s sawdust everywhere (don’t tell the King) as Phil, the designer, puts secret nooks and crannies into the castle. He’s also presented us with a simply divine portrait of my husband and I looking pretty fetching if I say so myself. All the strands of our story are knitting together nicely and we still have the luxury of playing around with ideas, accents and even name swaps. I’ve even had my name changed – one must keep up with the fashions you know. This week we also welcomed Jen our Deputy Stage Manager to complete the stage management team. We’ve started to work in detail on our story in scene order (the King will be pleased) and I particularly enjoyed watching a horse trying to work out what to do with his legs when lying down. Or was it a man dressed as a horse…Must dash…”

    Farrows Creative

    Farrows Creative

    “Ah Ha! Bye bye Queen and hello me. My name is Makemnoit (pronounced Make ‘em know it, in case you’ve not heard of me) and I’ve been listening in to those singers. Apparently the Musical Director Verity has bet them £20 that they can’t say Toy Boat really quickly twenty times. Ha! Well that sounds easy peasy and to be honest I could do with the money. I can see the palace taking shape but I’m not sure where I’m to live. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that the pile of branches in the corner has something to do with it. Typical. My brother the King gets a palace. It’s so unfair. This week we’ve been rehearsing into the evenings which is a much better time of day, so much more spooky. There are some strange goings on though…I spied some courtiers marching along in a line, all bent over with cardboard cut outs of trees and houses stuck onto their backs. What were they doing? On Saturday I took some inspiration from the Princess (where is she by the way? I never get to see her and we’ve more in common than you might think…) but I ended the day covered in porridge oats. Pah! Lastly, Sunday was my intern’s birthday so happy birthday Lauren. I ought to get her a present or she’ll go on and on about it so I’d better win that £20. Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boit, toa boy, two baht..Bother! Start again…”

    You can find out more about The Light Princess and book tickets on the show page here.

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