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    “A solid gold production. It had everyone talking on the way out. To go, or not to go. That is the question. Definitely go. You won’t be disappointed.”

    “The 15-strong cast is wonderful.”

    “Polonius (Ian Barritt) is an unexpected delight. All the laughs belonged to him.” 

    “Alan Mahon as young Hamlet steals the show”

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    “Mahon gives an amazingly visceral sense of Hamlet’s febrile youth, his passion, his alternating moments of young manly swagger, intellectual arrogance, grief and gloom.”

    “Isabella Marshall’s Ophelia also captivates”

    “How many lines from this play do you find yourself recalling? Very many. Yet how many sound stale tonight? None).”

    “It’s difficult to imagine this being done better.”

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    “The authenticity of their outfits…is a real feather in the cap of Max Johns and his team.”

    “[Mahon’s] fight scenes with Callum McIntyre have a real viciousness, athleticism and violence to them.”

    “It is especially pleasing to see Paul Currier step out from the more comedic roles he has oft played, with great success I might add.”

    “Julia Hills performance as Queen Gertrude is particularly startling”

    Fix Magazine 3.5 stars Read full review

    * * *  “Hilton brings a clarity and academic illumination to the piece.”

    * * * “There’s one of the best Ophelias I’ve seen in Isabella Marshall”

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    * * * * “Ophelia (Isabella Marshall) and Polonius (Ian Barritt) deserve special mention.”

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     “It’s Isabella Marshall’s Ophelia who shines in this ensemble”

    “Matthew Graham’s rich lighting design creating gliding crossovers and adding pace.”

    “The overall design is delicate and thoughtful. Max Johns’ Elizabethan costumes are exquisite”

    “Hamlet and Laertes’ duel is made thrilling by the in-the-round staging”

    The Stage

    * * * * “this eminently watchable production was once again of the highest order.”

    Bristol Post Read full review

    * * * * “it is the urgency of Mahon’s performance which is so refreshing. Every line and soliloquy…is so engaging and immediate that it feels new”

    * * * * “rich, compelling and well worth a watch”

    Intermission Bristol Read full review

    “Isabella Marshall stands out as a wonderfully haunting Ophelia.” The Reviews Hub 3.5 stars Read full review

    “Every single actor on stage, tells the tale with clarity of diction” 

    “Alan Mahon plays a youthful and self-assured Hamlet”

    Weston Super Mum Read full review

    “A totally gripping production with huge energy, especially from the younger characters”

    “Costumes are sumptuous and the climatic fight scene… is absolutely fantastic.”

    “Great direction from Andrew Hilton and a strong performance by Alan Mahon in the title role”

    Crysse Morrison Read full review

    “Isabella Marshall is an exceptional Ophelia, tearing the heartstrings with her grief, madness and misery.”

    The Fine Times Recorder Read full review


    “Alan Mahon was really good. We enjoyed the understatement of the performance and felt he spoke the verse very well. He didn’t seem phased by any of the big speeches and seemed very at home. Needless to say the rest of the cast were very strong as was the direction and staging. It feels like they’ve nailed it again!” Production Fund Donor

    “It was a brilliant production and we are looking forward to Alls Well in April.” Production Fund Donor

    Hamlet was terrific – we were particularly impressed with Hamlet himself (what  a huge part it is; he delivered the lines we all know absolutely brilliantly) and Ophelia (especially when she was mad). Sitting where we were. on the front row, we really felt part of the action – but fortunately all that flying steel kept itself to the protagonists!”
    Tim and Judith Lockwood Jones, Production Fund Donors

    Sian moody @MoodySian  Feb 28
    @tftheatres loved #Hamlet tonight. Great show, highly recommended! Such a talented cast, made it a true & accessible production.

    char @CharlieSpiller_  Feb 25
    Absolutely loved Hamlet at @tftheatres tonight, fantastic performance!!

    Marion Baud @Marionbaud  Mar 6
    Wonderful #Hamlet at the #TobaccoFactory @tftheatres yesterday. Loved it so much we booked #Allswellendswell tickets

    Andrew Macbean @Macbeana  Mar 7
    Hamlet @ShakespeareatTF is a treat. Clear & confident. Really enjoyable.

    Siân Roberts @sashimisan  Mar 8
    Hamlet at @tftheatres well worth seeing, great performances all round 🙂

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