The Wardrobe Ensemble premieres South Western

    Following their hit show Education, Education, Education,  The Wardrobe Ensemble present the world premiere of South Western at Tobacco Factory Theatres this July. It’s a celebration of everything you love about the South West; a spaghetti western with Cornish pasties. 

    Mae Trembles is on a mission. With a shotgun in one hand, a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch in the other, and an expired 16-25 railcard in her back pocket, she picks her way through her past in search of answers. En route she meets Ann Gough, a maverick drifter, and together they wend their way through wind and rain to reach the final frontier of the South West: the Wayfarer’s Arms.

    Notorious villains, uneasy alliances, doomed love affairs and thigh-slapping folk music combine in this odyssey of revenge. It’s an epic tale of blood, guts and cider!

    The cast of Education, Education, Education by The Wardrobe Ensemble. Image: Graeme Braidwood

    Produced in association with Tobacco Factory Theatres, South Western will receive its world premiere here in Bristol this July. Not only will this be another corker of a production from Wardrobe Ensemble but the wonderful talents of folk musicians including Sam Brookes, Jamie Cruickshank and Circe’s Diner, will be heard before the show and a stunning folk sound track by composer Tom Crosley-Thorne is woven into the production.

    The Wardrobe Ensemble’s previous shows RIOT, 33 and 1972: The Future of Sex, have delighted Tobacco Factory Theatres’s audiences before; this won’t disappoint!

    South Western runs at Tobacco Factory Theatres from Tue 17 – Fri 27 July. For more information and tickets visit the main show page.

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