The Gane Trust Hardship Fund

    UPDATE: The Gane Trust Hardship Fund deadline has now passed.

    We have received a huge number of applications and are working closely with The Cube to give all applications their due attention. We will be responding to applicants with a decision by Tue 23 June.

    £500 bursaries available for creative practitioners in financial need

    Tobacco Factory Theatres is working in partnership with The Cube Microplex to administer a hardship fund for artists and arts-workers living in the Bristol area. This fund has been generously donated by The Gane Trust to assist creative practitioners who are currently experiencing financial hardship due to Covid-19.

    The priority is to offer some monetary support to those who have lost work and income and are without a significant safety net.

    Bursaries of £500 will be distributed to 80 applicants (£40,000 total fund). 

    A panel of artists and producers from across Tobacco Factory Theatres and The Cube Cinema will award bursaries according to the following criteria: 

    1) the aim to support a broad representation of Bristol’s artistic workforce

    2) prioritising those who are experiencing the greatest need

    The deadline for applications is Tuesday 09 June 2020. We will be responding with a decision by 23 June.

    To apply, please complete the application form, which you can download from this page, and email it to by 9am on 09 June.

    We would be grateful if you could also download and complete an equal opportunities form and return it with your application. Doing so is optional and has no bearing on the selection process. All information shared will remain entirely anonymous.

    Selection process

    Tobacco Factory Theatres and the Cube Microplex will each form a panel of artists and producers to shortlist the applications. As the structures and remits of our organisations are quite different, we will each approach the applicant pool in a different way.

    Tobacco Factory Theatres will concentrate on a needs-based assessment, shortlisting those who are understood to be experiencing the greatest need.

    The Cube will make a pre-selection for as broad a representation of Bristol’s artistic workforce as possible, then make its final shortlist through a random draw.

    Once the shortlists have been combined, the two organisations will work together to make a final selection. We will try to navigate the complexities of awarding funds while minimising bias, acknowledging the many close connections we have with local artistic networks, and extending access to this funding as widely as we can.


    We realise this can only reach a small number of the many creative practitioners in hardship at this time. If you are not in financial need and you know someone who is, please consider passing this on to them. We are particularly trying to reach those not in receipt of other Covid-19 hardship/emergency funding for creative practitioners (such as Arts Council England or equivalent arts funding).

    All applicants must be a freelancer with a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number and living in or around Bristol.


    We understand that some people might need assistance filling in the application. You are welcome to get help from other people, but unfortunately we do not have the capacity to assist you ourselves.

    If you require further information, please email

    For further information on The Gane Trust please visit their website I Charity No. 211515




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