Tartuffe: Reviews and Audience Feedback

    We’ve been delighted with the response to our co-production of Tartuffe with Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory. Read on for a round up of some of the reviews and some of the comments left for us by our lovely audiences.

    Reviews so far

    “A rip-roaring night of comedy that turns the oft-accused ‘too international’ Molière into a British political satirist.”

    “A playful, creative and fun work”

    “Full of style”

    4 STARS The Reviews Hub Read full review

    “A splendid Tartuffe. This is an adaptation that treats Molière’s 17th century comedy with great respect, yet which seems as fresh and immediate as today’s news.”

    “The play…has a very relevant message for our times…this highly entertaining Tartuffe reminds us that a little healthy scepticism would not go amiss. Bravo!”

    4 STARS Stagetalk Magazine Read full review

    “A rollicking Molière update”

    “Written in witty rhyming couplets at times flowing seamlessly from one character to another”

    3 STARS The Stage Read full review

    “Very easy going and surprisingly relevant given that the original work is over 350 years old. Good stories stand the test of time and this one is no exception.”

    “Well written, well directed and really well performed in the round at the fabulous Tobacco Factory Theatres.”

    “Some truly laugh out loud moments…I’d highly recommend this show.”

    Weston Super Mum Read full review

    “A brilliant, witty and uncompromising adaptation that resonates sharply with our own tense contemporary zeitgeist”

    “Hilton and Power adhere impressively to Molière’s original characterisation and scene structure whilst transporting Tartuffe into present-day London.”

    “A resonating, sharp satire with lots of laughter as well as careful socio-political commentary.”

    On the Beat Read full review

    “Sparklingly performed…Don’t miss it”

    Fine Times Recorder Read full review

    “The semi-poetic script allows for some clever wordplay and lends a pace to the dialogue which enhances the black comedy”

    “For all its 17th century French roots, this Tartuffe can undoubtedly stand comfortably alongside any modern British comedy.”

    “Simply entertaining, touching and makes you laugh a lot. That’s really all you need for a good night at the theatre.”

    Bristol 24/7 Read full review

    Audience feedback so far




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