Tartuffe blog – Laugh until it hurts

    The final blog in our Tartuffe mini-series features Tina Gray who plays the fabulous matriarch of the Ogden household, Dame Pamela Ogden. Tina told us how she hopes audiences will walk away from the show having laughed until it hurt.

    How would you describe Tartuffe to someone who has never heard of it and what relevance does it have for audiences today?

    It’s a modern farcical comedy about the foibles of human nature and the crazy political times in which we live.

    What would you say is Dame Pamela’s role in the Ogden family and the play overall?

    Dame Pamela is a powerful matriarch, head of the Ogden family, bossy and resolute. Also, in her own right, she is Dame Commander of the British Empire for her political achievements for workers rights and equality for women. She is a frequent panellist on ‘Any Questions’ and a real force to be reckoned with! It’s a really meaty role for a mature actress!

    Tina Gray as Dame Pamela Ogden

    Tina Gray as Dame Pamela Ogden

    What has been the best thing about working on this production?

    The script is brilliantly witty, the company is amazing, the design is fab, and I’ve always wanted to work with Andrew Hilton at Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory!

    Our Factory Theatre is in the round for this production. How do you find performing in the round?

    I love working in the round. I’ve worked at the New Vic in Stoke many times, and it is thrilling for any play, even Oscar Wilde. Every audience member is like a film camera, taking in the show from all angles.

    Finally, what do you hope that audiences will take away from this production?

    Hopefully they’ll have aching ribs from having laughed a lot and a relish for the wit and precision of the text.

    Our co-production of Tartuffe with Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory runs until Sat 06 May. Read more about the show and book via our main show page.

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