Support from Bristol Grammar School

    For Christmas 2019, Bristol Grammar School is supporting Tobacco Factory Theatres as we stage our co-production with New International Encounter and Cambridge Junction of Snow White and as we stage Kid Carpet’s Noisy Nativity.

    This will be the third year Bristol Grammar School has supported Tobacco Factory Theatres at Christmas after The Borrowers and Beasty Baby in 2018 and Beauty and the Beast and The Ugly Duckling in 2017.

    BGS also previously supported us as we staged the family production Yana And The Yeti (Pickled Image) at the School’s own fabulous 1532 Performing Arts Centre, as part of Tobacco Factory Theatres BEYOND.

    Kate Jones, Assistant Head, Admissions and Marketing says “Performing arts are an integral part of every child’s experience at Bristol Grammar school and we are delighted to have to opportunity to work with Tobacco Factory Theatres to sponsor two more Christmas productions”.