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    ARCHIVE: Young Theatre Makers Performance

    • 25 Nov
      25 Nov - 25 Nov 2017

    This season all 75 of our young theatre makers are working towards a devised performance. The 8:10’s and 11:13’s are using the rich themes of our Christmas production, Beauty and the Beast, as a starting point. The 14:19’s have embarked on an exciting journey. Working with multi award-winning theatre company Theatre Ad Infinium they will stage a full production in March next year, and this November we will enjoy a short excerpt of their physical theatre work.

    The show starts at 6pm and each of the groups will perform a 15 minute piece. Please join us for cake in the bar afterwards!

    East of the Sun, West of the Moon
    YTM 8:10

    Directed by Lucy Carkeek
    Assisted by Amy Vickers

    A Norwegian adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. We have been working on our storytelling skills, both in small groups and as an ensemble and are super excited to have the opportunity to perform to family and friends.

    YTM 11:13

    Directed by Lizzie Wiggs
    Assisted by Alex Scott

    At times, we are all afraid of how our outward appearance might be judged by others, that in someone else’s eyes we are a misfit, an oddity, a beast.

    Don’t judge me by which school I go to, don’t think you know me from my Instagram photos, the clothes I wear do not define me.

    Look closer. Taking inspiration from the original story of Beauty and the Beast YTM 11:13 explore how it feels to be judged by appearance.

    YTM 14:19

    Directed by George Mann and Nir Paldi
    Assisted by Lizzie Wiggs

    Directors George and Nir apply the ethos and methods of their company, internationally acclaimed Theatre Ad Infinitum, to the production we create with the 14:19’s, ensuring that the voices, opinions and ideas of our Young Theatre Makers are at the core of this play. Theatre Ad Infinitum’s mission is to create theatre that examines social and political themes, through innovative storytelling and bold experimental styles. Short excerpt coming your way on Sat 25 November!



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