Three Bean Salad Podcast – Live

    Three Bean Salad Podcast – Live


    Three Bean Salad podcast brings a live show to Bristol for the first time.

    Bristol Zoo is gone, the animals have been set free and the city is now just a zoo-less husk, barely a city. The citizens of Bristol shuffle disconsolately throught the streets, remembering the time they lived within a 15 minute walk of an elephant. Those glory days are over.

    But for one night only, things are looking up. Benjamin Partridge, Henry Paker and Mike Wozniak are coming to provide scrupulously lukewarm banter on a topic chosen by the audience.

    P.S. If you’re not familiar with the podcast this show could be hard work.

    • RUNNING TIME90 mins (no interval)
    • TICKETS£15
    • VENUE



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