Those Who Trespass

    Those Who Trespass

    • 04 Jul -
      06 Jul 2024
      04 Jul - 06 Jul 2024

    “I mean…. It. Is. The. Future. It’s safe. That’s it for me. Security. That’s it.” 

    The developers have had their way – an old way of living has been cleared away for Water City, a futuristic, secure development, where you can live and work and shop. Even the affordable housing is reassuringly expensive. But in the shadow of the shimmering glass and steel, some people feel like everything is being taken away. 

    Written by Matthew Dunster, Those Who Trespass explores the differences between two groups of people; the mistrust, the fear and the tragic collision when these two groups come together. 

    Those Who Trespass is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.

    By Matthew Dunster

    Directed by Kalungi Ssebandeke

    Designed by Olivia Jamieson

    Lighting design by George Seal

    Sound design by Dinah Mullen

    • RUNNING TIME90 mins + interval
    • TICKETS£15 / £12
    • VENUE

    Content warning: contains sexual content, strong language, onstage violence, flashing lights, drug and alcohol use

    7:30pm + 2:30pm (Sat matinee only)

    Standard from £15 / Concession from £12 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
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