I’m working 3 jobs, claiming Universal Credit, and I’m fine!

    Mia and Daisy have looked deep into the issues of today’s world and have created a solution: a good play.

    SCRAPS is a bold satire exploring the struggles of being an artist in the cost of living crisis. With brutal honesty and abrupt silliness, Mia and Daisy navigate having to work until they’re dead, along with everything else that falls under the tattered austerity umbrella.

    The pair are back at Tobacco Factory Theatres for an hour of clowning, lip sync and self-aware chaos. Prepare to be moved, prepare to be provoked, prepare to be prepared for preparedness.


    ‘Joyous and provocative’

    ‘F**king fire’

    ‘It’s actually quite clever’


    Written and Performed by Mia Macleod and Daisy Kennedy
    Show Image: James E Davies Photography
    Production Images: Craig Fuller Photography
    Music: Getdown Services and Dogshow

    • RUNNING TIME60 mins (no interval)
    • TICKETS£12 / £10
    • VENUE

    Content warning: strong language, loud noises, class-based discrimination, imitation of animal cruelty and death, references to mental health illness.


    Standard from £12 / Concession from £10 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
    Read about concession tickets

    Members on sale 12:30am on Wed 1 May
    General on sale 12:30am on Fri 3 May

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