Schools Takeover: Story Olympics 1

    Schools Takeover: Story Olympics


    Wings. Gold. Heroes.

    Towers. Forests. Mazes.

    Rules. Statues. Wishes…

    … and a monster who likes eating pasta bake!

    The Greek Storytellers have arrived ready to tell their tales. The Judges have gathered on Mount Olympus to watch over the competition. What tales will be told? Which stories will be shared? On your marks, get set, and go! The Story Olympics has officially begun!

    Devised and created in collaboration with New Fosseway School students, join us as they take to the stage with their adventures of Greek Mythology, but not necessarily as you know them!

    Schools Takeover is a project delivered each year by Tobacco Factory Theatres in partnership with a local SEN School. A creative team of a Theatre Director, Movement Director and Composer work in collaboration with students to devise a brand new show over the period of a few months.

    The project is creative, explorative and adventurous, and we encourage freedom of expression and imagination. We know no bounds, we don’t know where we will end up and we know the journey will be a rich one!

    Come and join us for what is sure to be a wonderful expression of the human spirit and our innate desire for connectivity and creativity.


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