POSSESSION is an exciting co-production between Darkstuff Productions and Moveable Type Theatre Company.

    In a remote Devon cottage, in the heart of Dartmoor, two lovers away from the city to celebrate an upcoming debut art exhibition. A storm outside intensifies as the late-night drink, drugs and occult speculations mount, a thin line between love and possession is crossed.

    Truth and lies intermingle, as internal and external forces bear down, desires and fears are brought to the fore.

    Written by Darkstuff Productions’ creative team and directed by Moveable Type’s Danielle McIlven, POSSESSION is a fast-paced darkly funny look at how love can both free us to reach our highest potential and bind us in the safety of well-worn narratives.

    Having faith in the one you love is a journey into the unknown.

    • RUNNING TIME75 mins
    • TICKETS£12 / £10
    • VENUE

    Content warning: contains swearing, explicit reference to sex, drugs and drug use, and the occult


    Standard from £12 / Concession from £10 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
    Read about concession tickets

    Members on sale 12:30am on Wed 1 May
    General on sale 12:30am on Fri 3 May

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