Michael Spicer: The Room Next Door Tour


    Watch this space for an on sale date coming soon!

    Michael Spicer is a comedy writer, actor, director and the creator of the
    internet sensation, The Room Next Door, which in 2020 made its
    American debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He has
    produced over 100 sketches and short films via YouTube and Twitter,
    achieving international media attention. His book, The Secret Political Adviser, was released by Canongate on Thu 01 October.

    The Room Next Door Tour provides an entertaining insight into the internet sensation of 2020. Michael talks about his life making comedy under the radar, his viral hits of the past and of course, brand new Room Next Door sketches. This is a unique opportunity as the man from The Room Next Door puts his headphones down and walks out onto the live stage.



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