• 05 Dec -
      05 Jan 2025
      05 Dec - 05 Jan 2025

    The world is a very big place, especially for a tiny baby penguin who is just finding his feet.

    The shimmering stars and glistening snow spin around our little hero, while the mountains tower high and the wind rushes to and fro. And although baby penguin may be small his family know he’s the biggest thing of all.

    This early year’s favourite is a lovely and touching story about a parent and their love for their child by much loved children’s author Emma Dodd.

    ★★★★ “A highly visual production by Little Angel artistic director Samantha Lane. The close familial relationships of penguins and the extreme cuteness of the babies have plenty of tender charm in this children’s show that’s beautifully heart-warming and schmaltz free. ‘Me…’ is an ideal introduction to theatre for little people, and a welcome balm for the soul for bigger people, too.” – The Stage

    ★★★★ “Obscenely adorable puppet story about a baby penguin. ‘Me…’ is a charmfest that’s unlikely to upset even the most lily-livered pre-schooler. Featuring a cute bundle of day-old penguin fluff and an icy Antarctic environment shaped like a half pipe, it is simple, short and sweet. In a series of gymnastic scenes, baby penguin discovers that the sea is deep, the world is large, and she is small….The world that’s created by simple tactile scenery and deft puppetry is, as usual, beautifully crafted. The Little Angel is small, but its impact is big.” – Time Out

    ★★★★ “Inspired by the love between parent and child, this heart-warming story follows a tiny baby penguin finding her feet in the big wide world. We follow her journey from the moment she leaves her egg as she explores her world of snow, stars and ice with towering mountains and rushing winds. This is a show with very few words, using visuals and music to tell the tale. The penguin puppets are designed and made by Jimmy Grimes, who was Associate Puppetry Director on War Horse. ‘Me…’ would make a lovely Christmas treat for the little people in your life.” – West End Wilma

    • RUNNING TIME40 mins (no interval)
    • AGE RECOMMENDATION2+ and their families
    • TICKETS£12
    • VENUE

    10:30am & 1:15pm (05, 06, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19 & 20 Dec)

    11am & 2:30pm (07. 08, 14, 15, 21. 23, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31 Dec – 05  Jan)

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