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    Kendal Mountain Tour 2023: Nature and Environment Film Collection

    Kendal Mountain Tour 2023: Adventure Films + Guest Speaker

    • 07 Jun
      07 Jun - 07 Jun 2023

    The Kendal Mountain Tour is back…

    The Kendal Mountain Tour is returning for their second event of the year with a brand new collection of films. Get ready for an inspiring evening of film and talks celebrating adventure, brought to you by the world’s biggest mountain Festival – Kendal Mountain Festival.

    This unique collection will take you from the River Thames to the Karakoram mountains, sharing stories of endurance, talent and innovation. Each film will be introduced by the Kendal Mountain Festival team and the film collection is entirely new for this second 2023 Tour event.


    The Guest Speaker

    Lindsey Cole is an environmental campaigner, author and mermaid adventurer. From mermaiding the River Thames to show how we’re choking our waterways with plastic, to cycling the length of Africa to watch the World Cup, or retracing an incredible journey along Australia’s Rabbit Proof Fence – Lindsey’s a big fan of storytelling, exploring and campaigning for the environment. 

    Join Lindsey on stage where she’ll share adventures both in and out of the water. 


    The Films

    Expect exhilarating and moving tales from those creating waves in the worlds of climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, biking, running and regenerative farming.…


    The Farm Under The City

    10’ UK

    Luke Ellis is a builder-turned-farmer who has set up an innovative new business in the heart of Sheffield’s industrial quarter. His ‘Leaf + Shoot’ is an underground vertical bioponic farm built in a disused spring factor, a closed loop system that takes the food waste from local restaurants, cafés and businesses and uses organic cycling methods to grow micro-herbs and vegetables beneath the streets of Sheffield. Follow Luke on his inspirational journey to revolutionise the way we all think about urban farming.


    New Way Up

    25’ UK

    The Karakoram mountains are known for their huge scale and jaw dropping beauty. Nestled within them is Gulmit Tower, a technical granite pinnacle that has never been summited. Previous teams have often failed because the highly glaciated terrain makes the approach by foot long and treacherous. Fabi Buhl and Will Sim, both experienced alpinists, have a new idea. They plan to harness the power of the sky and use paragliders to fly over the glaciated terrain, reaching the base of the climb in hours, not days. Follow them on their epic journey as they attempt to set a new direction for Himalayan climbing.



    15’ USA

    Effective communication is a challenge every climber faces. For Deaf climber Sonya Wilson, communication and community is of vital importance. Elevated is a non-verbal film sharing Sonya’s experience as a Deaf woman and outdoor advocate working to bridge the gap between the Deaf community and the outdoor industry, one crag at a time.


    The Flying Squirrels

    7’ USA

    Get ready for the next wave of shredders! Introducing the Flying Squirrels and Radical Rippers, youth mountain bike development groups for girls in Bellingham, USA. This uplifting film follows the girls as they develop their skills and grow in self-confidence.


    Run to the Source

    35’ UK

    Martin Johnson attempts to set a new fastest known time on the 184-mile Thames Path – running from the Thames Barrier in London to the source of the river in the Cotswolds. What starts as a gruelling and ambitious record-breaking attempt turns into a journey of discovery. He learns both about himself and the entangled history between Black people and the river. Martin hopes his run will encourage more diversity in the sport of trail running and inspire others to get out beyond the city and run.

    • RUNNING TIME2 hours 30mins
    • TICKETSStandard £12.50 / Concession £8.50
    • VENUE


    Standard from £12.50 / Concession from £8.50 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
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