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    International House of Vape

    ARCHIVE: International House of Vape: Redefining Theatre Experience

    • 07 Oct
      07 Oct - 07 Oct 2023

    “Theatre is dying. The old models are defunct. Your audience ain’t interested. It’s time…to redefine.” 

    At an unprecedented price point and for a limited time only, you are radically invited to a conference that will change the trajectory of the theatre industry forever. In this world-altering presentation, corporate megastars International House of Vape lay out their concept for an ethical, sustainable and cash-rich future.

    The traditional theatre experience is dead – long live the Vape! 

    Hot off the heels of their successful Edinburgh run, T. Brennan and J. Newton (The Wardrobe Ensemble) proudly present a visionary new performance collab. Combining biting satire, arresting imagery and excessive vaping, IHoV takes a sledgehammer to the theatre industry, examining the human cost of making art in a profit-driven world. 

    ★★★★ “Hilarious satire that also delivers heartbreaking honesty”  – Lyn Gardner, The Stage 

    ★★★★ “It’s hard to imagine a more perfect creative comment on the current condition of the theatre industry” – The Scotsman

    ★★★★ “Honest & unexpectedly emotional…Knotty, funny, complex work” – Kris Hallett, Life as Theatre

    • RUNNING TIME60 mins
    • TICKETS£14 / £12
    • VENUE

    Content warning: contains some adult themes


    Standard from £14 / Concession from £12 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
    Read about concession tickets

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