Follow The Signs

    Chris is Deaf in a hearing world. Chris is Black on a racist island.
    No code. No imprint. No escape.
    But this is not a tragedy. This is a story of hope. This is a story about owning your identity.

    Once upon a time there was a boy from down the road
    He contracted meningitis at the age of two years old
    His life had been ok but now little did he know
    His hearing was to leave him and was due to change his world 

    A fully BSL-led hip-hop gig theatre show, Follow the Signs is performed through BSL, rap, spoken English, movement, and creative captioning, to be shared and celebrated by Deaf and hearing audiences together. It tells the story of acclaimed dancer and choreographer Chris Fonseca: from infanthood when he became Deaf after contracting meningitis, through a school system unable to value his differences, into teenage years where music and dance entered his life, to meeting Raffie Julien, a mixed-race Deaf woman who’s lived experience couldn’t be more different…or is it?

    You’ve heard of the 5 elements of hip hop right? Emceeing, deejaying, breakin’, graffiti and beatboxing. Well now it’s time to introduce you to the 5 elements of Raffie. I’m half black, half white. I’m oral and I sign. On top of that, I’m a woman. 

    “You will be hard pressed to find a show as moving as this one, with blazing performances across the board. It is definitive proof that we need many more stories exploring the themes that Fonseca so charismatically raises.”Arifa Akbar, The Guardian

    This production is poetic and vibrant, marrying hearing and sign language in a beautiful collision that should be encouraged. It embodies language in every possible sense of the word. This beautiful, challenging, uplifting show is absolutely worth seeing.” Everything Theatre

    “Fonseca’s manipulation of music is masterful. Narratively and lyrically, it is equally impressive” – Liam O’Dell

    “We have to cross everything to hope that this show has a fruitful future life beyond this run. Completely unmissable” West End Best Friend


    Co-Writers Chris Fonseca and Harry Jardine 

    Director Harry Jardine 

    Choreographer Chris Fonseca 

    Creative Producer Sian Weeding 

    Composer Yacoub Didi 

    Sound Designer Gareth Tucker 

    Lighting Designer Simeon Miller 

    Video and Caption Designer Rachel Sampley 

    Dramaturg Kirsty Housley 

    Production Manager Ed Borgnis 


    Instagram: @fusetheatre 

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    Women Who Gave No F**ks 1

    • RUNNING TIME60 mins approx.
    • TICKETS£16 / £14
    • VENUE

    Content warning: this show includes scenes with bullying, racism and audism and features loud music and strobe lights.


    Standard from £16 / Concession from £14 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
    Read about concession tickets

    All performances will be in BSL, Spoken English, Rap and English Captions.

    Please note there will be no lift access between 29 July – 6 September 2024 due to important maintenance work. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Members on sale 12:30pm on Tue 11 June
    General on sale 12:30pm on Thu 13 June

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