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    Family Stories

    Family Stories

    • 30 Nov -
      02 Dec 2023
      30 Nov - 02 Dec 2023

    Family Stories deposits us in the middle of one of the bloodiest European conflicts since the Second World War, which dismantled Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

    Written by the Serbian playwright Biljana Srbljanović, Family Stories depicts the confused state of affairs into which her country was thrust and addresses the theme of childhood in a series of wild, violent scenarios.

    Amid the ruins of war-devastated Yugoslavia, four characters play a game, pretending to be a family, reproducing the delirious behaviour of disoriented adults. Little by little, the logic of war is revealed, created and maintained by the political power manifested at every level of society.

    Srbljanović invites us to see the war in a playful light, and the theatre as the place where adults continue to do what children do: create a game.

    By Biljana Srbljanović

    Directed by Nastazja Domaradzka

    Designed by Alice Sales

    Lighting design by George Seal

    Sound design by Jovana Backovic

    Family Stories is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.

    • RUNNING TIME1 hour + 40 mins (no interval)
    • TICKETS£12 / £10
    • VENUE

    Content warnings: adult themes, violence, sex, adult language and swearing

    19:30 + 14:30 matinee (Saturday only)

    Standard from £12 / Concession from £10 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
    Read about concession tickets


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