Angels in America (Part 1: Millennium Approaches)

    Angels in America (Part 1: Millennium Approaches)

    • 11 Jul -
      13 Jul 2024
      11 Jul - 13 Jul 2024

    One of the greatest plays of the twentieth century, Tony Kushner’s sweeping drama unfolds in Reagan’s embittered America, as its glorious protagonists wrestle with life, death, heaven and hell.

    Plagued by the ghosts of his ancestors and abandoned by his lover, AIDS-infected Prior Walter is visited by angels… elsewhere, closeted political fixer Roy Cohn denies he has the virus and strives to preserve his reputation.

    In this swirling hot pot of boisterous modern America, the nation’s reaction to the sickness – and its sufferers – is laid bare.

    Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches premiered in May 1991 and has collected numerous awards since, including Best Play at the 1993 Tony Awards and the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The National Theatre’s lauded 2017 production with Andrew Garfield, Nathan Lane and Denise Gough landed it further acclaim. 

    Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches is performed by graduating students of Bristol School of Acting.

    By Tony Kushner

    Directed by Stuart Wood

    Designed by Mayou Trikerioti

    Lighting design by Hugo Dodsworth

    Sound design by Joseff Harris

    • RUNNING TIME3 hours + interval
    • TICKETS£15 / £12
    • VENUE

    Content warning:  contains strong language, sexual content, nudity, drug and alcohol use, depictions of AIDS and mental illness, discussions of death, racism, antisemitism and homophobia.


    Standard from £15 / Concession from £12 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
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