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    ARCHIVE: A Sting In The Tale

    • 05 Dec
      05 Dec - 05 Dec 2016

    Our Young Theatre Makers have taken inspiration from Cinderella: A Fairytale to devise these new shows, using the magical and often malevolent world of fairytales as their starting point. Prepare to meet some familiar characters, some new ones and some you’d rather not meet again…


    In the peaceful town they lived in, things ran smoothly and everyone got along. Until they didn’t. There’s something happening to the town that no one can understand but everyone has an explanation for

    YTM11:13 have been exploring the themes of good and evil. Can any act be 100% evil? What makes someone a good person anyway? Time to reexamine the good, the bad and the somewhere in between.

    NOT SO very FAR AWAY

    Once upon a time not so long ago in a land closer than you think, in fact, just in the house down the road there were two siblings, no three siblings, no just one orphan, or a soldier, a puppet? A puppet in a cupboard? No wait a dragon! A dragon with complicated feelings

    YTM14:19 take all the best known fairy tales (plus some you might not know) and turn them on their head. Expect music, expect puppetry, expect physical theatre and most of all expect the unexpected.


    Go behind the scenes on A Sting in the Tale with YTM member Sophie Greenwood in her wonderful debut blog.

    • RUNNING TIME1hr 40mins (inc. interval)
    • TICKETS£3
    • VENUE


    Devised performance from our Young Theatre Makers. YTM 11:13 performing first half; YTM 14:19 performing second half

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