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    A Shining Intimacy

    A Shining Intimacy

    • 09 May -
      12 May 2023
      09 May - 12 May 2023

    TOM MARSHMAN PRESENTS a show about theatre, queer friendships, and grief.

    This show examines the fundamental guts of two of Britain’s best loved stage animals, Maggie Smith and Kenneth Williams, both on a journey together to master their craft.

    Playing with the juxtaposition of the ‘performer’ in public and private, the narrative not only includes Kenneth’s and Maggie’s success, but a sensitive portrayal of issues such as depression, OCD, and the loneliness of Kenneth’s one bedroom flat. Through the use of projections, Tom examines their characters as apparitions within the theatre, and considers his own relationship with the late artist Clare Thornton. Their shining intimacy belongs to a particular moment in history, allowing narrator Tom to reflect on this close friendship of his own, now lost.

    Television and radio interviews, newspaper articles, diaries, and memoirs, have created the backbone for this new work by Tom Marshman.

    ‘Tom Marshman is an outstanding artist whose recent work raises fascinating questions  about dramatic character. Tom seems to be creating a character who floats somewhere between an imagined version of Tom and an imagined version of Kenny’ – Tom Morris, Former Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic

    • RUNNING TIME60 mins
    • TICKETS£19 / £16
    • VENUE

    Content warning: includes references to depression and suicide.  


    Standard from £19 / Concession from £16 (Tickets and prices subject to availability)
    Read about concession tickets

    Members on sale 12:30pm on Thursday 30 March 2023
    General on sale 12:30pm on Friday 31 March 2023

    • 'It’s the most moving thing I have seen for ages.’

      Pem Tshering, The Chelsea Theatre
    • 'It is pure, genuine, and possibly groundbreaking exploration.'

      Audience Member
    • 'There is much more to A Shining Intimacy than a theatre show about the friendship between Maggie Smith and Kenneth Williams. Tom Marshman weaves an absorbing homage to a close friend into his embodiment of the two luminaries of stage and screen. An absolute must-see.'

      Audience Member

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