Partnership with Pukka Herbs

    Pukka Herbs to become the official Wellbeing Partner at Tobacco Factory Theatres

    We are delighted to announce that Pukka Herbs has become the official Wellbeing Partner at Tobacco Factory Theatres. Pukka’s support will be used for three key areas:

    Promoting Green Living

    Sustainability has always been a byword for Tobacco Factory Theatres. We have a huge bank of solar panels on the roof which supplies the equivalent of 35% of the theatre’s electricity and the balance is supplied by Bristol Energy from sustainable sources. Pukka’s support will help us enhance and publicise our green credentials, for example the installation of low energy LED lighting in the new Spielman Theatre.

    Family Values

    Tobacco Factory Theatres is a favourite destination for Bristol families and was voted Best Theatre in the South-West by Netmums in 2014. We recognise that many parents with babies or toddlers and other groups with additional needs often feel excluded from live theatre for fear of disrupting the performance. Pukka’s support will help us to develop our programme of ‘Relaxed Performances’ across the year where we will cater for people with special requirements so that they are able to enjoy performances in a supportive and encouraging environment. Attendees have space to move around if they wish and join in during the noisy parts of the performance. A chill-out space is provided for anyone who feels they need a break from the action. To ensure the relaxation can continue long after the relaxed performance has finished, free samples of Pukka’s organic herbal teas will be handed out at the end of each performance.

    We’re also delighted to host DragonBird Theatre at Tobacco Factory Theatres on a monthly basis, whose shows have been specially created for ages 0-5 and their grown-ups. Each session starts with a short performance of a story and is then followed by a facilitated session where everyone gets to play and explore adventures based on the show. As Wellbeing Partner, Pukka will launch our partnership with free goodie bags given out to all families following the DragonBird performances on Wed 25 April.

    Community Support

    We believe that a great theatre should be at the heart of its community. That’s why we reach out to local people in many ways. This is well illustrated by our Get Involved Programme, which is expanding rapidly and includes a thriving strand for Young People. In particular, Pukka’s support will help us implement our Schools Take-Over, working with local schools that cater for children with additional needs.

    Jen Warner, Development Manager at Tobacco Factory Theatres, says: “We are thrilled to be working with Pukka Herbs on areas of work that are intrinsic to our organisations’ spirit and ethos. Our audiences will be delighted too as we are now stocking delicious organic Pukka teas in the Theatre Bar!”

    Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s Co-founder said: “Pukka Herbs was born in Bristol in 2001. We are proud of our roots and support a number of local organisations, such as Tobacco Factory Theatres, whose values are aligned to ours. At the heart of our ethos are wellbeing, sustainability and creativity. We are delighted to support the Tobacco Factory Theatres’s commitment to sustainable energy and emphasis on inclusivity through creative community projects.”