Meet the Coulrophobia Clowns

    Ahead of Pickled Image’s laugh-out-loud, anarchic and sometimes terrifying clown story, Coulrophobia here at Tobacco Factory Theatres, we spoke to the company co-director and performer Dik Downey about his inspiration, performing heroes and big (clown) shoes to fill…


    What first made you want to learn the art of Clowning?
    When I was living in a bus in Barcelona back in the 80’s is was a good way to busk and make money on the street. We made shows through trial and error and clowning was a great medium for entertaining a Spanish audience using visual gags and no language.

    Who are your greatest performing heroes and why?
    The Young Ones, The Muppets, Peepolykus, La Fura Dels Baus, Tony Clifton’s Circus and Buster Keaton. I love ferocious, dangerous and funny performers, and of course Buster Keaton is the greatest performer who ever lived!


    You’ve recently performed Coulrophobia in the UK and Norway, how have people reacted to the show?
    With great enthusiasm, the audiences have been shocked, surprised and have laughed so much a lady had to change her pants!!!! (a very funny comment on our evaluation postcard from a show in UK)

    What has been the hardest thing to learn / rehearse for this production?
    Juggling, that’s why we cut it!!! Thanks John Nicholson…

    Internationally renowned puppetry and physical theatre company Pickled Image bring their hit show Coulrophobia to Bristol from Mon 07 - Thu 10 November. Find out more via their show page.

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