This week get involved in #LoveBristolArts

    Share some love for your struggling cultural sector with #LoveBristolArts.

    Together with venues, attractions and artists from across Bristol, we would like to ask fans of art and culture (you!) to share some love this week for the artists, venues and companies you are missing most during 2020 using #LoveBristolArts.

    From 19-23 October, the #LoveBristolArts campaign will ask audiences across Bristol to support the arts and culture sector. There are so many things that people can do to help, from buying tickets, memberships and giving donations to free help, such as subscribing to mailing lists, following social media channels and taking a minute to fill out surveys. Even just hitting like, rather than scrolling by, has the power to raise profiles, build relationships and amplify awareness.

    Each organisation involved in #LoveBristolArts has chosen specific ways you might offer your support to them.

    You can also tell us what you love about Bristol’s arts and culture scene using #LoveBristolArts!

    Please support Tobacco Factory Theatres by:

    And by sharing our posts this week during #LoveBristolArts.

    Please follow the #LoveBristolArts campaign on social media and do what you can for our wonderful arts and cultural organisations across Bristol!

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