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    The Love I Feel Is Red is the final production in our successful Tobacco Factory Theatres BEYOND season of epic theatre across Bristol, which has been taking place since February 2016. It will be performed in the beautiful venue, Zion Community Space, in Bedminster Down. We wanted to introduce you to this wonderful space, so we asked Zion’s Jess to tell us more in a blog post:

    Jess Zion“As I write this blog, there is a great transformation happening to our community space as the Tobacco Factory Theatres team prepare for The Love I Feel is Red starting on Wednesday.

    As an ex-theatre designer myself, it is always exciting to see the space being used for theatre and in particular such a great production and new writing. Zion is constantly metamorphosing into different spaces, depending on the event or production; this month alone sees the space play host to a theatre show, a quiz night, a psychic supper, a singing workshop, a flower arranging space and a stand-up comedy night.

    All of this happens around the regular use as a cafe during the day, so it can be quite a challenge to ensure the space is used to its maximum capacity but returns to a welcoming space during the day for our visitors of all ages!

    Zion Community Space is now in its fifth year since opening the doors to the public in 2011. In some ways it feels very apt to welcome Tobacco Factory Theatres here, as I had spent many years working in North St and programming events at the Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar, so it seems to have come full circle!

    We look forward to welcoming new visitors to the space over the coming week and hope that the venue offers a unique atmosphere and setting to this amazing production. Hopefully we will see many of the theatre visitors return for future events in our space.”

    You can find out more about Zion Community Space, at

    The Love I Feel Is Red is our latest in-house production for a Play, a Pie and a Pint (created in association with Òran Mór); a series which celebrates new writing. And pies. Its also the final show in our sell-out Tobacco Factory Theatres BEYOND season of epic theatre across Bristol.

    To find out more about The Love I Feel Is Red and book tickets, visit the The Love I Feel Is Red page here.

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