Cinderella: A Fairytale blog – It’s a roller coaster

    As we enter the FINAL WEEK of Cinderella: A Fairytale here at Tobacco Factory Theatres, we spoke to actors Isabella Marshall and Joey Hickman about Ella, the Prince and their favourite Bristol hangouts.


    We’ve loved your performances in Cinderella: A Fairytale, Joey as the Prince and Bella as Ella. What are you favourite things about each of your characters?

    Bella: Well, what I love about Ella is that she’s not your normal sort of Cinderella. She’s feisty and determined. She stands up for herself and doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone, and that’s really refreshing to play, particularly as a female lead. She’s great – she’s got guts!

    Joey: It’s kind of the opposite with the Prince. He’s so fun to play because he’s such a nervous wreck to begin with. He finds his confidence as the show progresses but he’s still a bit nervous and nerdy, and that’s really fun to play because, again, you don’t always get to do that on stage with characters. Male characters are so often the opposite of that.

    As a show, Cinderella: A Fairytale is very high energy with dance routines, costume changes and physical comedy. How do you keep your energy up at this point in the run? Any secret tips?

    Bella: Well it’s such a fun show it’s like a sort of roller coaster – once you get on it just takes you and you sort of don’t think about it! That’s what is so fun about it, it’s so quick and energetic. There’s no time to relax, which can be a good thing!

    Joey: Before you know it it’s the end of act one. It’s a real whirlwind!

    Bella: And I think we’re getting fitter as well…

    Joey: Yes, people have commented, “You’re looking more trim!” And eating well is important, plenty of honey and lemon. We all look after each other as well, which is really lovely.


    What did you think when you first saw the set?

    Joey: We first saw it when we performed the show last year in Birmingham and it was different – end on. It’s so lovely here in the round and it’s such a wonderful space. You feel so among the audience and when it’s set in the forest, everyone’s a part of it.

    And what do you think of Bristol? Do Ella and the Prince have any favourite places to visit locally?

    Bella: Ooh, I went to Ashton Court the other day – I think they’d probably quite like it there, with the deer park and open spaces.

    Joey: And they probably eat at Souk Kitchen, because it’s the best food in the world! Or I would anyway…

    Join Bella and Joey this week for the final performances of Cinderella: A Fairytale at Tobacco Factory Theatres – must close on Sun 22 January! Read more about the show and book via our main show page.

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