Beauty vs Ugly: Part Three

    Get to know the cast and crew from our two Christmas shows, Beauty and the Beast and The Ugly Duckling, as we play… Beauty vs Ugly. This time we asked Heather Williams, playing Mother Duck in The Ugly Duckling, and Beauty and the Beast’s Stefanie Mueller to vote ‘Beauty’ or ‘Ugly’ to some classic Christmas traditions.

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    Waking up early
    Heather: Beauty. Best time of the day!
    Stefanie: Ugly before, then you get up and it’s like “wow, this different!”

    Christmas songs in November
    Heather: Ugly. Everything about Christmas before December is ugly!
    Stefanie: Oh ugly. Feels a bit commercial!

    Carol singers
    Heather: Beauty. I love hearing a good carol, especially In the Bleak Mid Winter
    Stefanie: Not my most liked but it can be charming on your doorstep – beauty!

    Heather: Ugly. Too brash!
    Stefanie: Around Christmas, beauty. Otherwise no!

    Heather: Ugly. Yuck!
    Stefanie: Urgh. Ugliness!

    Last minute gift shopping
    Heather: Beauty. You can get great bargains.
    Stefanie: I don’t do it. I either plan ahead or get something in the year that’s fitting. Ugly.

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    Christmas jumpers
    Heather: Ugly. Unless they are a nice chunky knit with nothing Christmas about them.
    Stefanie: That’s ugly. We never did Christmas jumpers, I didn’t grow up with them in Switzerland.

    Heather: Beauty – I love ’em! Unless they’re over cooked – but people are much better at that these days.
    Stefanie: Love it with bacon and chestnuts. Absolute beauty!

    Cheese board
    Heather: Beauty – nice bit of Stilton!
    Stefanie: It depends… What cheese is on the board? Never blue cheese.

    Fake Christmas trees
    Heather: Ugly. Give me a real one any day.
    Stefanie: Ugly…

    Queen’s Speech
    Heather: Ugly. Never listen.
    Stefanie: It’s part of my husband’s tradition, but it’s become a bit of a joke in our house.

    Both Beauty and the Beast and The Ugly Duckling run until Sun 14 January 2018 at Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol. See more on their show pages.


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