Beauty vs Ugly: Part One

    This Christmas Beauty and the Beast and The Ugly Duckling take over our Factory Theatre and we’re getting to know their cast and creative teams by playing… Beauty vs Ugly. We asked Craig Edwards, revival director on The Ugly Duckling, and Beauty and the Beast director Alex Byrne to vote ‘Beauty’ or ‘Ugly’ to some classic Christmas traditions.

    Beauty and Beast Rehearsals_Mark Dawson Photography_DSC_5504

    Waking up early
    Craig: Beauty, it’s Christmas!
    Alex: Beauty, ever since my daughter was born I’ve always woken up early…

    Christmas songs in November
    Craig: Ugly, no no no!
    Alex: Ugly, just wrong! I don’t think there should be any Christmas things until the 1st of December.

    Carol singers
    Craig: Beauty! People signing outside your house, what’s not to like?
    Alex: Ugly. Don’t like carol singers!

    Craig: Beauty, every day should be a tinsel day.
    Alex: Ugly, just ugly.

    Craig: I have no idea what this is but it sounds fun so beauty.
    Alex: Beauty. It’s great, tastes of a sort of rich alcoholic Christmassiness. Delightful.

    Ugly Duckling Rehearsals_Mark Dawson Photography__DSC9176

    Last minute gift shopping
    Craig: Beauty. Last minute wrapping.
    Alex: Beauty. Love the feeling of being out on 23rd December, zooming around the shops. Everyone’s a bit mental.

    Christmas jumpers
    Craig: Beauty. Christmas onesie, Christmas socks, Christmas undies….
    Alex: Ugly. I don’t like that it’s become a ‘thing’ now to have Christmas jumpers.


    Craig: Make you fart so beauty.
    Alex: Beauty, especially fried with a bit of bacon…

    Cheese board
    Craig: See above.
    Alex: Oh beauty, needs some red wine too.

    Fake Christmas trees
    Craig: Beauty. No such thing as fake, all trees deserve love.
    Alex: Ugly. Got to be a real tree for me!

    Queen’s Speech
    Craig: Ugly. Unless she gives up all her wealth to the poor… Then maybe I’ll watch her.
    Alex: I’ve never seen or listened to the Queen’s Speech, so ugly.

    Both Beauty and the Beast and The Ugly Duckling run until Sun 14 January 2018 at Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol. See more on their show pages.

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