Beautiful Thing: Community Choir in Action

    Our Get Singing Community Choir has been brought together especially for this production of Beautiful Thing. After months of rehearsing and mastering the music, the choir has now joined the professional cast for the end of rehearsals in the build up to opening night. Assistant Director Sally Wippman explains more about what the choir brings to this production.  

    This week has been exciting in that the Community Choir has been transitioning from rehearsing their songs with just the Choir Leader and  Musical Director to performing on stage with the actors.

    But what is the Community Choir?! Since the end of May, 50 members of the Bristol community have participated in Get Singing workshops in which they have learned the art of singing together and perfected songs to help us tell the story within the play. When the production opens, each night our professional Beautiful Thing cast of 5 will be supplemented by one of two smaller choirs, formed from this wonderful, enthusiastic group of people.

    Over the past few days, the choir has worked hard to incorporate the six songs they’ve learnt into the play. Not only have they mastered the music beautifully well, but their force as a choir has added new vitality to the transitions between scenes, helping create an evocative story-telling atmosphere.

    Having the community involved in such a prominent way in the production always adds colour and zest to the play. The ’90s were a ripe era for music, and the environment of the council estate was one where community greatly impacts on the developing identity of the teenagers featured in the story. We’re excited to move from the rehearsal room to the theatre space next week in preparation for opening night!

    Beautiful Thing runs at Tobacco Factory Theatres from Thu 11 – Sat 27 October. To find out more and book, visit the main show page.

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