Audience Feedback: Blue Heart

    Now that Blue Heart has officially opened here at Tobacco Factory Theatres we’re hearing some great feedback from our lovely audiences. Here are our favourites so far – check back later as we add more!

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    “It was brilliant. Brilliantly written and excellent, powerful acting. The second play – what a rich idea. So much passion… Lovely to see older actors in powerful parts”

    “It was astonishing. Wonderful acting – completely absorbing – amazing theatre. Running out of adjectives. I’ll tell everyone to come!”

    “The set design was effective yet simplistic. The surreal language of the play made it a unique watch.”

    “Ingenious, very well acted. Felt very real, portrayed relationships with a few words… Really enjoyed both!”

    “It was a very interesting play that challenged the concepts of theatre. I am currently doing A-levels and am going to trial this concept. THE SET WAS SICK.”

    “My first Caryl Churchill! Loved It. So ingenious! Great introduction to an unusual playwright. Great actors, not a dull moment. Thank you.”

    “Extraordinary. Best thing I have seen in 6 months. Loved it. Held us all completely. How did you remember it all?”

    “The focus and the energy was clear among the actors the whole way through. Caryl Churchill is a GENIUS!”

    “Great cast, set and sound. Such a crystal-clear precision production of the greatest living playwright. More Caryl Churchill please!”

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    When YOU see the show, let us know what you think on our post-show feedback cards. Or join the conversation on Twitter & Instagram via #BlueHeart

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