Alice Through the Looking Glass


    Tobacco Factory Theatre presents a dynamic and captivating interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s topsy-turvy tale, brilliantly brought to life with film, fun and the occasional fright.

    If you look in the corners of the mirrors, if you look very hard and quickly…there are people, often very small, so tiny that you probably can’t see them, just tucked away… Next time have a look for yourself.

    When Alice peers into her mirror she discovers a whole new world inside, a world where flowers talk, books are written backwards, trains jump over rivers and no-one makes any sense.

    Join Alice as she embarks on a weird and wonderful journey into the looking glass meeting Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Jabberwocky, Humpty-Dumpty, the Walrus and the Carpenter and a whole array of living chess pieces along the way.


    Archived show.  To book any of our productions please contact Kerrie Burke-Avery, Producer, on 0117 963 0963 or email

    RUNNING TIME 2hrs (inc. interval)
    ORIGINAL VENUE Factory Theatre

    Cast & Creative Team

    Creative Team

    Director – Andy Burden
    Writer – Hattie Naylor
    Sound – Paul Dodgson
    Set Designer – Charlie Camm
    Set Construction – Scenetec
    Lightiung Designer – Matt Graham
    Costume – Sara Marshall
    Film – Mark Bishop
    Stage Manager – Jennifer Simpson
    Assistant Stage Manager – Jo Nicholl
    Costume / Prop Assistant – Claire Strickland
    Wardrobe Assistant – Miri Birch
    Wardrobe Concept – Penn O’Gara


    White King / Ensemble – Chris Bianchi
    White Queen / Ensemble – Ashley Christmas
    Alice – Caroline Garland
    Tiger Lily / Ensemble – Paul Mundell
    Red Queen / Ensemble – Hannah Summers


    A wonderful and memorable production

    Bristol Evening Post

    A joy to watch


    In its playful use of film, song an off-beat humour, it’s consistently inventive


    A fun-filled, fast-paced, anarchic piece of theatre

    The British Theatre Guide