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    About CYP

    As a renowned theatre venue that presents a jam-packed programme of diverse and exciting shows, we are keen to ensure that the next generation of theatre makers is engaged, inspired and supported. Our Children and Young People Programme will be developing over the coming years to offer opportunities to 0-25 year olds.

    Our mission

    To offer an inviting and inspiring programme of activity for children and young people to engage with regularly as individuals, through schools and through other organisations.

    Our CYP programme aimS

    • To be seen as an inclusive and accessible place for South Bristol and the wider area with a wide social demographic where the creativity of children and young people is nurtured and given the space to grow.
    • To create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and included and where opportunities are given to those who don’t readily engage or participate in the arts.
    • To value the cultural expression of children and young people and provide opportunities to engage in activities relevant to their needs and interests.
    • To have regular and accessible provision of arts activities for children and young people of consistent high quality.
    • To offer clear pathways for a child / young person to engage.
    • To ensure that the youth programme is embedded in the organisation and is considered in planning, resource and space allocation.
    • To provide an open, authentic, accessible community resource and hub for South Bristol and the wider area.
    • To work with artists, theatre companies, schools, local authorities and other relevant organisations to create opportunities for children to make, participate in and enjoy theatre.
    •  To be instrumental in inspiring and enabling the next generation of theatre makers and theatre goers.