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    Young Theatre Makers 14-19: Spring Online

    Young Theatre Makers 14-19: Spring Online

    • 02 Mar
      02 Mar - 02 Mar 2021

    We are so excited to be offering our YTM 14-19 sessions online in March 2021.

    Lots of great theatre starts with an excellent script, but there are loads of ways to approach writing a play and it can be a very daunting task. In these sessions we’ll read some extracts from plays and discuss them, we’ll touch on the different ways of writing them (storytelling, dialogue, monologue) and do exercises that will help you write character and structure your story. This will be for keen writers, as well as those who’ve never written a play before.

    By the end of the sessions we will aim for you to have written a short play (of no more than 5 minutes) to share with the group.

    Remember, even if you think you aren’t a writer, understanding the mechanics of a script will help you as an actor, director, designer or any other role in theatre-making.

    Sessions on:

    • Structure
    • Monologue
    • Character
    • Dialogue and duologues
    • Breaking form

    The aims of these classes are to:

    • Inspire young people to engage in theatre and the arts.
    • Create a space for young people to explore their creativity and imagination, build confidence, and have fun.
    • Provide a connection with other young people at a time when young people are isolated and have limited time in a social environment.
    • AGE RECOMMENDATIONFor ages 14-19 years
    • TICKETS£40 for the term

    We want to ensure that no one misses an experience at our theatre so bursaries are available for all activity. Please contact bryony@tobaccofactorytheatres.com to find out more.

    The Spring Online term of Young Theatre Makers will run during March 2021

    Join us on a Tuesday at 6pm – 7.45pm.

    YTM 114:19
    EVERY TUESDAY Tue 02 March – Tue 30 March 6pm – 7.45pm

    PLEASE NOTE, when booking you will only see the first date in the term. By booking you are committing to the full term of YTM sessions as per the dates above.

    You will be contacted with further details for accessing the sessions before the term starts.

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