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    Tommy’s Waffle Club - Sep 2023

    Tommy’s Waffle Club – Jan 2024


    Join your host Tom Rolfe for an unpredictable and heart-warming night of amateur comedy, true stories and bad powerpoint presentations

    Welcome to Tommy’s Waffle Club, a variety show where regular people can live out their wildest performance dreams, five minutes at a time. Join us for an unpredictable night of amateur comedy, true stories, and bad powerpoint presentations!

    Starring a mixed bag of fresh-faced volunteers and pre-selected regulars, no two acts are the same and nothing is vetted beforehand. There’s a theme, but our myriad of performers run with it: you’re as likely to see a hilarious true story as you are a surreal dance number or a raunchy beat poem. Only one thing’s for certain: you’re in for a treat as Bristol’s most talented nobodies deliver fresh chunks of comedy waffle.

    Hosted by Tom Rolfe of Show & Tell fame (ten-time headliner, twenty-time tech support) Tommy’s Waffle Club is a safe space for wannabe performers who might find conventional open mic nights a bit intimidating. Come and have a go if you’re not quite hard enough. If you’d like to perform, please get in touch!

    So join us for a chaotic night of silliness and cheer on our motley crew of amateur performers!

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    TIME: 7pm

    • “Tom’s ironically painful malfunctioning slideshow [was] delivered with conviction and creativity.”

      Tilly Clarke, The State of the Arts
    • “You can steal the format if you want but I’d prefer you called it something else.”

      Sophie Bishop, creator of Show and Tell

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