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    Queer Planet

    Queer Planet

    • 20 Mar -
      22 Mar 2024
      20 Mar - 22 Mar 2024

    A celebration of queerness and the animal kingdom with award-winning drag king, Bi-Curious George

    Dolphin orgies, intersex snails, gay giraffes, transgender fish… Join Bi-Curious George, London’s most loveable nature boy, on a raucous romp through the animal kingdom; the wildest, queerest kingdom of them all!

    Bi-Curious George is a drag king whose work centres around queer ecology; or in layman’s terms – queer animals. He spends an unusual amount of time doing research into animal mating so that you don’t have to. Next time someone brings out that age-old idea that homosexuality or gender-queerness is ‘unnatural’, you’ll have an entire arsenal of extraordinary facts at your disposal. Expect to be surprised, amazed and amused in this “deliciously unexpected” celebration of all things queer.

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    TIME: 7.30pm

    • *****

      “Probably one of the most ingenious ideas for a production I have ever seen… A performance of sheer perfection.”

      Get The Chance Wales
    • *****

      “Everything you could want in a drag show.”

      Theatre & Other Things
    • ****

      “Shines and shimmers in queer euphoria.”

      Binge Fringe Magazine
    • ****

      “Wonderfully funny, entertaining and surprisingly educational.”

      The Reviews Hub

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