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    • 20 Jun -
      21 Jun 2023
      20 Jun - 21 Jun 2023

    Unhinged puppetry for adults and older children from Marc Parrett and The OBJECT Project

    Everything was perfect in the midnight garden. The flowers grew, the fairies flew, the grobbity grobbits danced a merry dance in the twinkly moonlight. Then one day, without warning, the deranged gardener (from next door) threw the shed door wide, and let loose the massive-evil pitchfork-of-doom. Pixiematosis is the happy/sad tale of tiny extraordinary creatures living in a nocturnal paradise who realise, too late, that they’re being exploited for a sinister purpose.

    Featuring sqwonky puppets, odd-automata and a slew of charity-shop rejects, Pixiematosis is not unlike watching a lost episode of Bagpuss, filmed by the Tales of the Unexpected crew… or witnessing Fingermouse being folded up and used to stop a pub table wobbling.

    Come along, be charmed, be appalled; get swept up in the existential madness of it all.

    The OBJECT Project is based in Leeds and is curated by former Bristol resident, Mr Marc Parrett. Marc is a puppetry director, designer, performer and maker. He also lectures in puppet manipulation and object theatre. Marc has performed across the UK, Europe and Australia and has previously created puppets and directed puppetry for Aardman Animations, BBC3, Leeds Playhouse, Green Ginger, Egg Theatre Bath, Theatre by the Lake Keswick, Bird in the Hand, Bristol Old Vic, Travelling Light and Sally Cookson.

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    TIME: 7.30pm

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