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    Papaya Fest: Santiago Rising

    Papaya Fest: Santiago Rising


    Film screening and discussion of the award-winning documentary film set in Chile by Nick MacWilliam

    Santiago Rising is an award-winning documentary film set in Chile by Nick MacWilliam. Join us for a screening of the film followed by a Q&A with the director.

    Following its sellout run at the Cube Cinema earlier this year and in the backdrop of Chile’s recent referendum, Santiago Rising is an urgent exploration of inequality, protest and change.

    Santiago Rising takes place on the streets of Chile’s capital city in late 2019, as large public protests over economic inequality engulf the country. The film charts the build-up to the historic vote, in October 2020, that saw Chileans vote for a new people’s constitution to replace the one imposed during the brutal Pinochet dictatorship. It examines how a movement which began as a high school students’ protest over transport fares evolved into one of the most significant events in the country’s history. Filmed during the weeks after protests began, Santiago Rising meets social movements, protesters and ordinary people in their struggle for equality and human rights. The film emphasises the creative element of Chilean protest, as music and art play a prominent role in expressing political dissent. We also see the state’s attempts to crush the protest movement through a brutal police crackdown. Although the odds are stacked against them, Chileans find strength in unity as they aim to overcome Pinochet’s enduring legacy.

    Directed by Nick MacWilliam / 89 mins, / 2021 / No Certificate
    Santiago Rising was released in 2021 through Alborada Films

    “By capturing the diversity, the improvisation and creativity of this people’s revolution, MacWilliam has created an invaluable historical document.”
    Grace Livingstone, Red Pepper

    “On the one hand, we see the joy, colour, diversity, and energy of a people who feel that they have finally awakened from a long slumber and are making their way to a hopeful future. On the other, we see savage state terror, and the tragic results in the form of death and mutilation.”
    Diego Catalán, In Defence of Marxism

    The Q&A will be with the director Nick MacWilliam (online), chaired by Maria Askew

    Papaya Fest 2022: The ferocious fiesta of a festival is back bringing you a unique fusion of Latin American and British culture with theatre, live music and DJs all mixed up into one juicy programme across The Wardrobe Theatre and The Old Market Assembly

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    • RUNNING TIME2hrs (film running time is 89mins)
    • TICKETS£6
    • VENUE

    TIME: 7pm

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