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    Papaya Fest: Playing Latinx

    Papaya Fest: Playing Latinx


    Merging spoken word, stand-up comedy and music, this show explores one performer’s journey to construct a whole new identity… in a country that doesn’t quite know what to make of its Latin American community

    Papaya Fest 2022: The ferocious fiesta of a festival is back bringing you a unique fusion of Latin American and British culture with theatre, live music and DJs all mixed up into one juicy programme across The Wardrobe Theatre and The Old Market Assembly

    ‘Latinx actor wanted. The possibilities are limitless – by which I mean 1 of 3: lover, fighter, comic relief.’

    An actor from South America newly arrived in London very quickly realises he’ll mostly be hired to play exotic characters – gigolo, thug, pool cleaner with comedy accent – so he adapts. He moves, speaks and writes like a stereotypical Latinx person should. But as he learns to play the game with increasing success, he starts to question how far he himself is becoming complicit in perpetuating the mythic nature of these stock characters and how much he is losing touch with his own identity.

    Artist’s Website

    TIME: 7.30pm

    • ****

      “Playing Latinx is both a crash course in the ridiculous simplification of a continent and its people and the perfect balm for it. High-energy show, cleverly crafted.”

      Reviews Hub
    • “A show to admire, a performer to look out for.”

      Ought To Be Clowns
    • “Though the show’s aesthetics are fun and scrappy, the political intent is highly sophisticated and well-conveyed.”

      The Play’s The Thing

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