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    ARCHIVE: Open Doors

    • 26 Jul
      26 Jul - 26 Jul 2016

    4 women, 4 short contemporary performances, 4 everyone. A night full of interesting and diverse short solo pieces, brought to you by four female performers.

    I’m Fine – by Reanne Phillips

    One choice can change a person, change their walk and change their mind. Just one. Change for the better or for the worse?

    A self-discovery piece looking at how past experiences can shape who you are as a person in the present, but is every decision you make always going to be positive?

    Exit Plan – by Kasha Miller

    Today’s a good day to stay in. In fact, most days are a good day to stay in. A solo show about the life of an introvert, told by an introvert, and I’m a little anxious, ok, a lot anxious.

    A production fusing digital projection, puppetry, physical theatre and performance poetry. This show takes the audience on a journey of emotions and anxieties through clever theatricality and reminds us that it’s ok to stay in on a Saturday night! We all have an inner self dying to say the things we hide inside and this self takes centre stage and doesn’t hold back.

    It’s All A Bit Taboo – by Alex Ann Ogden-Davis

    It’s All A Bit Taboo, is a solo autobiographical performance based on Alex’s experiences with chronic depression and anxiety. It is a contemporary and experimental style production using the theatrical mediums of movement, physical theatre, self-written songs, music self-revelatory text and audience interaction.

    Although depression is the main theme, the show itself is not depressing, it has plenty of humour and recurring elements of fun and joy. Moments of eccentric mania or what could be described as ‘madness’ in this performance that gives it a unique edge, also includes some bad dancing to electro music, a passive aggressive and quite frankly rude killer whale, a fight with a toaster and a hopeless plastic dinosaur stuck in a goldfish bag.

    Through New Eyes – by Skye Estee Reid

    Through New Eyes is journey into nature by a clown called Sprout, they’re new to the world that human beings reside in, and they are just exploring everything for the first time… Sprout the clown will draw you into their relationship with the world and nature. Through New Eyes has aspects of physical comedy, light humour and audience interaction with the strong message throughout the piece of how everyone and everything is interconnected in the universe.

    • RUNNING TIME2hrs 30mins (inc. interval)
    • TICKETSFull £9 / Concession £7
    • VENUE


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