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    A collective for POC creatives in Bristol.

    Join us for KIOTA: A Collective For POC Creatives in Bristol, showcasing People of Colour (POC) or BAME creatives from various artistic disciplines in a fantastic afternoon of performance followed by networking opportunities.

    Kiota’s aim is to tackle decolonisation of arts spaces in Bristol recognising that colonialists created the social construct of race and racial hierarchy to be able to control and exploit colonies around the world and that this still affects how we view the world, ourselves and therefore how we interact with the spaces we encounter.

    Kiota are committed to creating original collaborations between POC artists of different disciplines who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to work together to see how their artistic practise evolves. We are building this supportive space to offer an opportunity to share, learn and network with other POC creatives whether emerging, established or anything in between! So, if that describes you or you simply want to enjoy the variety of wonderful performances, come along! The performers will all be POC but ALL ARE WELCOME TO WATCH!

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    Time: 7.30pm

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