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    Glenda & Rita

    Glenda & Rita

    • 02 Apr -
      03 Apr 2024
      02 Apr - 03 Apr 2024

    The award-winning, unique, comedy musical drag duo Cinebra (Alexander Joseph and Ro Robertson) present a contemporary drag show with humour, intellect and heart

    Glenda Swing and Rita Herringbone are two actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood, immortalised in black and white, and struggling to find work in this brutal, unforgiving Technicolor world.

    Glenda and Rita have polarising views on their place in modern society: Glenda with her remorseful chips on her grey shoulders, and Rita with her her open-minded approach to modern technology and social development. Both however, have a sad story to tell in regards to being denied in an industry they worked so hard to elevate, just because of the lack of colour in their skin.

    Glenda and Rita invite your to their feature length celebration of their cinematic career, where they will be revisiting favourite songs and roles from forgotten movies past. From ‘Know Your Onions’ to ‘The Professional Blues’, Glenda & Rita will take you on a musical monochrome journey from their Hollywood heyday, to their miserable flat in Lancing.

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    TIME: 7.30pm

    • *****

      “A marvellously archaic romp.”

    • ★★★★1/2
      “Cleverly written and magically performed.”

    • *****

      “These are broad, but somehow believable, characters with great lines who have a story to tell.”

      Broadway Baby

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