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    • 03 Feb -
      04 Feb 2022
      03 Feb - 04 Feb 2022

    Melding poetry and storytelling to weave ideas of angels, cities and possible futures, Nat Norland’s solo show is about growing up and getting lost – presented by Why This Sky

    ‘I think I might be ill, somewhere on the outside, in the tarmac and the paintwork.’

    1935. A. G. Rizzoli, a Californian architect, draws a portrait of his mother, for her birthday. He draws her 100 foot tall, with a slanted roof and a sharp spire.

    2019. Elon Musk oversees the first test flight of the SpaceX Starship system. The plan is to reach Mars within ten years.

    2021. Our dreams have gone wrong. I don’t know why. I don’t know how to fix it.

    With lyrical text, fragile image-making and meticulous sound, Dreamsick is a nocturne of memories, dreams and visions by Why This Sky and Nat Norland (associate artists of award-winning devised theatre company Emergency Chorus), directed by Ben Kulvichit – a mix of biography, poetry, with some dance and quirkiness thrown in. A solo show about growing up and getting lost. Except that some of it isn’t true, and some of it is true but only in dreams, and the performer keeps trying to turn into a building. They keep doing it. It’s getting to be a problem.

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    TIME: 7.30pm

    • “It’s ambition and confidence are genuinely remarkable.”

      Darker Neon on previous show, Portents

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