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    Closer Each Day - 06/05/24

    Closer Each Day – 06/05/24


    The drama of Succession. The grit of Eastenders. The rumpy-pumpy of Sex Education. Closer Each Day is the unconventional and uplifting comedy hit of Bristol – every other Monday

    Hilarious and heartfelt, Closer Each Day is entirely unscripted making every performance utterly unique with an electric atmosphere – as perfect for newcomers as for people who come to every show. Who knows what will happen? Maybe a passionate love affair, a murder, a spot of gardening or a nail-biting cliff-hanger? Whether it’s your first time or you’re a binge-watcher, come and share the discovery with us!

    Closer Each Day has run fortnightly at The Wardrobe Theatre for over 12 years and over 200 episodes!

    FINALIST – Bristol Life Awards 2023

    “Truly brilliant.”
    ★★★★★ Epigram

    “Funny, inventive, fast-paced and sparkling. Loved it!”
    David Lloyd, BBC Screenwriter

    “Quick-witted, very watchable ensemble, razor-sharp in timing and delivery.”
    ★★★★ Stage Talk

    “So consistently gripping it’s incredible to think it’s created off the cuff.”
    Visit Bristol

    To join the Closer Each Day ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ please register for free online at closereachday.co.uk or sign up at the theatre on the night!

    An original production by Closer Each Day Company, co-produced with The Wardrobe Theatre
    Directors – John Lomas, Lindsey Garwood
    Musical Director – Jack Drewry
    Show Editor – Rob Kershaw
    Cast – Mike Akers, Sylvia Bishop, Sean Duffy, Lindsey Garwood, Amy Harris, Andrew Kingston, Alice Lamb, Rachael Procter-Lane, John Lomas, Peta Maurice, Rebecca MacMillan, Matthew Whittle

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    • TICKETS12 (£7 for members of 'Neighbourhood Watch' - free to join)
    • VENUE

    TIME: 7.30pm

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